GROZA SOLO Crocodile


Ultralight tarptent, a minmalistic shelter solution.


• ultralight tarptent – only 300 g!
• made of parachute silnylon
• 10 anchoring points
• lase cut Hypalon details
• 260 x 260 x 160 cm – 2 person ready

GROZA SOLO is made specifically for sleeping on the ground. It has lower profile and pitching system designed with appreciation for masters of fast and light philosophy – the minimalist backpackers and ultralight thru-hikers. Offers enough space for two people on the overnight summer getaway or for one person with more gear

With 10 anchoring points at your disposal, you will set it up withtin 5 minutes, using your trekking poles or nearby trees.

GROZA SOLO is made of silnylon with ripstop weave. This fabric is fully waterproof, windproof and highly resistant to damage. Ripstop weave protects the fabric against tearing and ripping.


Additional information


260x260x160 cm


300 g


100% parachute silnylon


bag, suspension system

No of anchoring points



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