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• waterproof, windproof
• designed for demanding survival or military conditions
• Adaptive Green – universal colour

Designed for demanding survival or military conditions with focus on strong fabric and overall durability. Whether you want to avoid curious glances, planning a military training or want to avoid scaring animals by your presence, this hammock will allow you to become less noticeable in the woods.

PANTERA is simple, robust and reliable. The hammock’s size (300 x 150 cm) is big enough to ensure a comfortable rest and sleep for individuals up to 6’6″ tall. It doesn’t have any sophisticated stitches or overcomplicated design and thanks to its simplicity, it weighs only 350 g.

PANTERA’s fabric has a very high weight capacity. Dense ripstop weaving and PU coating makes it not only very robust, but also virtually non-stretchable. Recommended maximum load up to 250 kg.

When packed, PANTERA 2 takes up very little space (it fits into a 33 oz. canteen), and using it after a long and strenuous day in the field does not require any special instructions. It takes only three minutes and two knots to set up. Thanks to this, you can save time on setting up your camp and simply enjoy a regenerating rest regardless of conditions or turn it into a makeshift survival shelter – improvised windsack, tarp or bivi cover.

Additional information


300×150 cm


360 g


100% nylon diamond ripstop, PU coated


2 x 5 m Kevlar rope, bishop bag


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