MAGLA Mosquito Net


Universal outdoor mosquito net.


• multipurposed mosquito net
• fits any standard gather-end hammock
• no-zip bottom entry
• camping beds recompatibledy
• superlight – only 330 g!

The most characteristic feature of MAGLA lies in its construction. MAGLA looks like an envelope turned upside down which makes it a very versatile solution for outdoor camping. Even though it was designed for hammocks, it will also work great with camp or hostel beds in even the most remote corners of the world.

There are two ways you can use MAGLA with your hammock:

  1. by pulling drawstrings on the bottom of the net which will cocoon your hammock completely
  2. by staking the net to the ground using 4 loops attached to its bottom edge and thus forming a tent-shaped cover

The Cocoon mode gives a very good protection against insects and at the same time allows you to get out of your hammock without struggling with zips or any other kinds of entrance. The Tent Method, however, will protect you against insects even if you don’t sleep in the hammock but simply lie in a camp bed or directly on the ground. All you need is 4 tent pegs or sharpened sticks.

The mesh of MAGLA is fine enough to keep even the smallest midges outside. Moreover, this high-density netting won’t let any leaves or needles in or sticking to the net, so even if you drop it on the ground, you won’t have to clean it afterwards.

When attached to your hammock, MAGLA will wrap around it so you don’t need any spreader bars or other additional equipment to adjust it. Thanks to this, we can cut on the product’s size and weight. If you don’t need MAGLA at the moment, you can easily fold it up without having to move the hammock.


Additional information


300×150 cm




100% polyester mesh

Packed volume

app. 1l


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