OTUL Underquilt


Hammock underquilt that protects from wind, cold and damp making hammocking in cold weather comofrtable.

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• versatile, three season hammock underquilt
• protects from cold, wind, breeze
• Climashield APEX – hydrophobic, high loft synthetic insulation
• topquilt mode
• can be used as camping blanket and insulated poncho
• easily operated suspension system

When sleeping in a hammock, a regular sleeping bag gets compressed which results in less insulation on the sides and the bottom. It is especially inconvenient during colder seasons like autumn, winter or early spring, when even the best sleeping mats will not guarantee sufficient protection from cold. OTUL Underquilt surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock and traps the air that your body heated so that you can get a comfortable and lovely night’s sleep even when cold weather strikes. Once you get OTUL, you won’t need to use a sleeping mat anymore!

OTUL is the lightest full-size synthetic underquilt available on the market in the same temperature category.

There are three features that make OTUL an outstanding solution:

  • Lightweight, durable, quick-drying microripstop polyamide fabric – the same material that is also used in manufacturing process of jackets and sleeping bags for Polish Special Forces units like GROM or FORMOZA.
  • Perfect insulation layer – CLIMASHIELD Apex 4.0 – the most thermally efficient continuous filament in the world. It’s lightweight, elastic, durable and hydrophobic which means it doesn’t soak up water!
  • Minimalistic, universal design – OTUL is a versatile product that is very easy to use. Setting it up doesn’t require any special knowledge or equipment and takes very little time. What is more, it works great with any hammock. You can even adjust the underquilt’s insulation performance while already laying in and simply loosening the drawstrings. You don’t even need to move from your hammock!

In the middle of the underquilt on both ends you will find small loops which you can tie together turning OTUL into a cocoon and improving the insulation performance up to 85%. Also, CLIMASHIELD Apex 4.0 will protect you from wind, cold and damp thanks to the hydrophobic filament.

OTUL is rigged with shockcords and slide locks that are run along end channels and allow you to tighten up the underquilt so that it doesn’t let any cold air in. This solution creates so called footbox and shoulderbox that surround your feet and shoulders – these parts of your body that are most vulnerable to the effects of cold temperatures. Moreover, OTUL uses baffle structure with four chambers of filament, that is one of the best methods for optimizing the loft and performance of the underquilt.

But it is not just an underquilt. Thanks to carefully placed loops, you can also wear it as a warm, makeshift coat! This feature is especially useful while taking a break during hiking or performing camping chores. Never again will brewing the morning coffee at camp or watching as the sun slowly peeks over the horizon remind you of frosty weather!


Additional information

Weight 820 g

200×140 cm


820 g


100% polyamide microripstop, DWR finish



Temp. rating - comfort range


Packed volume



underquilt, suspension, bag, manual


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