I don’t fancy solo trips. There is nobody to photograph or speak to, and your mind is playing tricks on you.
But last weekend two things popped up – wonderful weather and Otul underquilt added to my camping gear. The only thing missing was some company (job, trips, birthdays and so on, you’ve been there).


I picked a location that was relatively close. Not remote but still charming, with a river, deciduous forests and a bunch of trails and paths. I set out for a small overnight hike on Saturday. Everything was great! The colors, the sunshine… Unfortunately, the temperature dropped after dawn and had nothing to do with the weather forecast. A small campfire, a down jacket, my new underquilt and a flask full of good wine helped me get through the night quite comfortably.
In the morning, I followed a tangled path of turns, shortcuts and eventually pavements to get home… and start thinking of my next little-big trip.

“ALLALONE” (orig. “SAMSE”)
author: Wojciech Jerzy Waloch

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