DRAKA® Treetop Green


Integrated hammock system with removable bug net. Top pick for a fully featured and complete hammock setup.

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  • complete hammock system
  • breathable fabric – 100% polyamide ripstop
  • ultrafine mosquito net – 700 holes per cm²
  • comfortable for people up to 205 cm
  • maximum load 250 kg
  • bishop-bag stuff sack for easier setup
  • knotless suspension system with treehuggers, whoopie slings and carabiners
  • lightweight and packable

DRAKA is perhaps the last hammock you need on your journey into the unknown. It has everything that is required from a dream accommodation in the field: a spacious sleep area, an advanced suspension system already installed, a shelf for handy items, low weight and above-average ergonomics. It’s a 100% Polish production.

The most important element distinguishing DRAKA is an integrated mosquito net with custom zippers developed for us. It offers several unique functionalities:

  • zipped on both sides, along the entire length
  • non-blocking (the mosquito net can be opened with one quick move)
  • increased performance
  • comfortable, light-colored silicone zipper endings for easy locating even in minimal light
  • super high mesh density to stop even the smallest bugs

The DRAKA mosquito net is fully removable. When it is not needed, its disassembly takes literally 30 seconds, and the included stuff sack will allow you to store it neatly and safely.

DRAKA mosquito net does not need any additional guylines or a separate suspension system to function. It is kept in the correct position by its cut and construction. The flexible mesh works together with the user.

DRAKA is the equivalent of forest comfort. Each of its elements has been designed with this purpose in mind.

We have lengthened the bedroom to 330 cm, which is over 22% more compared to typical hammocks. Even 210 cm high people will feel comfortable in this hammock. DRAKA’s bedroom is symmetrical, so you can lie in it in any direction, on any side.

The sleep area fabric is made of nylon in a ripstop weave with military origin – resistant to damage or careless use, withstands several hundred kilograms of load, at the same time being light and fully breathable.

We believe that the product should be sold complete. When you buy a car, you get it with the wheels, so we always offer our hammocks with a suspension system. In the case of DRAKA it is the full SMUK system:

  • 2 × “tree huggers” webbing protecting the bark of trees and providing a solid point of attachment
  • 2 × superlight carabiners
  • 2 × hand-braided whoopie slings made of Dyneema – fibers stronger than steel
  • ridgeline

We have equipped DRAKA with the following additional accessories, so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors:

  • organizer (5 pockets) for storing handy items. The organizer is designed to accommodate even large hip bags, a down jacket, and a lot of accessories
  • two stuff sacks: one for the mosquito net, the other for the entire hammock set

DRAKA is supplemented with two elastic pullouts. Pullouts are used to increase the spaciousness of the hammock, which means better access to the sleeping bag, easier arrangement of the interior of the bedroom, or even spotting of items left in it.

DRAKA was designed with accessibility as one of the priorities. The blue color of the carabiners stands out against the green grass, which helps people with color blindness to see it. White plastic elements on the zippers and side lashings help the visually impaired. People with mobility limitations can use the DRAKA more easily thanks to the non-blocking lock of the mosquito net, the symmetrical structure, and the spacious bedroom. The attached manual is also colorblind-friendly.


  • sew-in tags made with recycled yarn
  • plastic elements made with recycled pre-consumer waste
  • supply chain and production scheduled strictly according to plan, with no excess
  • minimalistic packaging – card-sized paper tag made with 50% recycled material
  • the manual is printed on a 50% recycled paper


FINALIST of DOBRY WZÓR 2022 contest, category Sports.

Dobry Wzór (polish for Good Design or figuratively Prime Example) is the oldest, most prestigious Polish design award run by the national Institute of Industrial Design since 1993, under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The title Dobry Wzór is granted for exceptional innovations, aesthetics, functionalities and the overall quality.


Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 12 cm

330 × 145 cm


aluminum carabiners, main fabric 100% nylon ripstop, plastic elements 100% recycled acetal


bishop bag, hammock, printed manual, ropes, stuff sack

Max. load

250 kg


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