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We produly introduce the limited edition of DUCH Rainbow Pride hammock. 10% of the income will be donated to support Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciwko Homofobii) – Polish LGBT rights organisation, which aims to promote legal and social equality for people outside the heteronorm.

• versatile hammock for any type of outdoor activity
• breathable fabric – nylon ripstop
• for people up to 200 cm / 6’6′ tall
• 250 kg load capacity
• “bishop bag” style stuff bag for ease of use
• lightweight and packable

We dream about a world in which everyone feels like home, whether in the forest, by the river, in a flowery meadow, or among mountain peaks. Safe, at ease, with a head free from worries. When we go outdoors our goal is to embrace Nature, connect with our true self, and experience something real. We go camping with our loved ones and in the woods, without the limitations of everyday life, we can simply be, experience, and share moments full of sunshine. The forest is welcoming for everyone.

Outdoor adventure should be a space free from the fears that we encounter on the streets or on the Internet, coming from unjustified intolerance towards our identity. One of the most absurd forms of intolerance is aggression caused by who you hold hands with or whom we want to say “I love you”.

In DUCH hammocks from the rainbow series, you’ll find an LGBT+ flag sewn right next to the Polish flag, which is a standard in our products. This is a symbolic way of showing, that the members of the LGBT+ community always was and will be a part of Polish society. Poland is our shared home and it should be welcoming for all people, no matter their sexual orientation, skin color, or beliefs.

The most versatile hammock in Lesovik’s offer. Designed for comfort, simplicity and durability

  • Its dimensions are a guarantee of comfort. The hammock’s size (300 x 150 cm) is big enough to ensure a comfortable rest and sleep for individuals up to 200 cm / 6’6″ tall.
  • Duch does not have any sophisticated stitches or overcomplicated design. Thanks to its simplicity, it weights only 330 g.
  • One, two or three persons? It will take it! Meticulous triple-stitch made with high-quality sewing machines and fabric of the highest quality will guarantee a high weight capacity (recommended up to 250 kg)

Duch is handy and easy to use. To enjoy a blissful rest, all you need is to have three minutes and to know how to tie two knots. Pack volume is less than 1l / 33 oz. so it fits into every bag or backpack!

The hammock serves great not only for rest and regeneration. Thanks to durable materials and appropriate size, it will be a perfect alternative to bed during camping, kayaking or hitchhiking trips.

The materials we use are produced specifically for us and according to strictly defined parameters. Polyamide fabric with ripstop weave (reinforced fibers forming a grid pattern) is lightweight, breathable and feels pleasant to the skin. Pre-impregnation increases its resistance to dew and protects against getting dirty too quickly. Moreover, we provide you with strong suspension lines. They have an aramid core preventing the strings from stretching, strength of 450 kg and a braided outer sheath made of polyester which protects the core and facilitates tying knots.

Together with Duch hammock, you will find a bishop bag – a double-sided stuff sack that allows you to pack your hammock easier and faster.

DUCH Hammock won an award in “Śląska Rzecz” Contest organized by Zamek Cieszyn Poland and received MustHave! Award at international Łódź Design Festival 2015.

SlaskaRzecz MustHave


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500 g complete set / 330 g hammock only


100% poliamid ripstop


hammock, Bishop Bag style stuff bag, 2x 5 m polyester ropes


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