DUCH Treetop Green


The classic gather-end model, produced from the beginning of the company’s existence in an almost unchanged form. Minimalistic, easy to use, very durable. It is a great base to start your hammocking adventure  – it can be expanded to a full camping set with our accessories.

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  • versatile hammock for any type of outdoor activity
  • breathable fabric – nylon ripstop
  • for people up to 190 cm
  • 250 kg load capacity
  • bishop bag style stuff bag for ease of use
  • lightweight and packable

The most universal hammock in Lesovik’s offer. Designed for comfort, simplicity, and durability.

The colors of the hammock were inspired by our journeys around the Baltic countries. While camping in Sweden, Estonia, and Poland, we fell in love with the color of water, coastal forests, and the treasure of our sea – pine resin amber.

The dimensions of DUCH are a guarantee of comfort. A sufficiently large area (300 × 145 cm) allows for comfortable rest and sleep for people up to 190 cm tall.

DUCH does not have sophisticated and complicated accessories and seams. Thanks to its simplicity, we obtained a very low weight – the hammock itself weighs only 330 g.

One, two, or even three people? It will last! Triple seams of the gather-end channel, made with high-class machines and excellent quality fabrics are a guarantee of resistance to impressive loads – up to 250 kg.

The hammock is handy and easy to use. It takes only three minutes and two knots to set DUCH up and enjoy a blissful rest.  The packed volume is less than 1 liter – it will fit into most backpacks or bags.

DUCH can be used for much more than rest and regeneration. Thanks to durable materials and the appropriate size, it is perfect for accommodation during camping, rafting, or hitchhiking.

The materials used in the construction of DUCH were specially produced for us according to strictly defined parameters. The polyamide fabric in a ripstop weave (reinforced fibers forming a grid pattern) with increased durability is light, breathable, and pleasant to touch. Pre-impregnation increases its resistance to dew and protects it from getting dirty. The hammock comes with durable lines – the braided core eliminates the stretching effect of the line under load and provides strength (450 kg!), while the polyester braid protects the core and makes it easier to tie knots.

DUCH set also includes a bishop bag – a carry bag that opens on both sides, which makes it easier to set up and pack the hammock.

Duch was nominated in the Silesian Thing plebiscite, achieving the Finalist title. It was
awarded with MustHave title by Łódź Design Festival – for polish-designed products distinguished by quality, ergonomics, and great workmanship.

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

300 × 145 cm


330 g (hammock) / 500 g (complete set)


main fabric 100% nylon ripstop, plastic elements 100% recycled acetal, polyester ropes and cords


bishop bag, hammock, ropes

Max. load

250 kg


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