GROZA Crocodile


Light and versatile tarpaulin for general and specialised outdoor use.

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• classic square tarp
• made of 100% waterproof nylon
• 19 guyline attachment points
• integrated guyline tensioning system
• laser cut Hypalon reinforcements
• 300 x 300 cm

GROZA is a light and universal shelter for outdoor conditions. It works perfectly both as a roof over a hammock and as a ground shelter. In just a few moves, you can hang it in many ways, creating an superlight tent, screen, sun protection, or teepee.

Thanks to its discreet color, GROZA blends perfectly into the surroundings of a forest campsite.

GROZAs dimensions provide a spacious shelter for camping. Using GROZA you can easily cook, organize your equipment, sleep (even with a few people), or simply hide from bad weather. 3 × 3 m of the universal size gives you plenty of setup possibilities. GROZA easily fits a standard hammock under it, preventing it from getting wet during rainfall. After lifting one side using poles, you can easily create a very spacious roof, and connecting a few pieces of GROZA allows you to build a forest pavilion.

GROZA is a versatile solution. 19 anchoring points allow the tarp to be used in various set-ups – A-frame, Lean-To, “diamond” shelter, closed hammock tent. To make the setup of the tarp even easier, we have used a system of built-in guyline tensioners. The suspension system is simple, can be operated with one hand, and requires no knots. You just need to steak the guyline to the ground and pull it tight. The guyline tension adjuster automatically blocks it to prevent loosening. Tree attachment is knotless thanks to laser-cut mini-hooks we designed.

To increase GROZAs durability, all anchoring points are made of laser-cut Hypalon – a rubber-nylon laminate used to produce military equipment or white water rafts.

To make GROZA, we used strong nylon with microripstop weave, waterproof 6000 mm H20 (manufacturer’s test) – that’s 2x more than the market standard. The fabric is also windproof and resistant to mechanical damage. The microripstop weave protects the fabric from tearing even when it’s perforated.

The attached instructions are color-blind friendly, and the tarp guylines are packed in colored rubber bands, similar to the colors of the instructions. You can dowload the manual here: Side A Side B



Additional information

Weight 540 g
Dimensions 27 × 12 × 12 cm

300×300 cm


560 g (total weght with guylines, ZIPSY hooks and the stuff sack)


100% silnylon ripstop


bag, suspension system

No. of attachment points



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