LARVA Crocodile Green


LARVA is an oversized stuff sack for carrying your complete hammock camping setup, ready-to-use.

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• part of Lesovik LAB project
• designed to fit most 11′ / 330 cm hammock sets

• waterproof fabric (100% silnylon ripstop)
• opening on both sides
• mesh ventilation window
• two pockets for supsension system storage
• UPCYCLING: made entirely out of production leftovers

LARVA is an instant stuff sack that shortens setting up your hammock set to about 50 seconds. You can stuff all your system’s elements (hammock, bugnet, OTUL underquilt, sleeping bag, gear sling) together in one, handy, sharp looking package.

How does it work?

While setting up your camp, you just pull LARVA out of your backpack or bikepacking bags. Instead of unpacking and rigging each of your set’s component separately, our stuff sack just slides to the side and gives you an instant setup, rady-to-use. You can even set up your suspension system prior to unpacing the wole set!

How fast is using LARVA? It takes only 50 seconds to set up your system. Traditional method takes about 4 minutes and more operations.

Total weight of LARVA is 125 gramów. For comparison: the total weight of DRAKA, OTUL Lite, HUBA and a standard sleeping bag stuff sacks is between 77 and 150 grams. Thanks to LARVA, you don’t need to carry those (and you don’t need to remember where they are).

We have carefully designed LARVA’s dimensions so it can easily accommodate a complete, advanced hammock setup. You can fit our DRAKA, OTUL and HUBA together without setting them apart, and you’ll still have plenty od space to fit your sleeping bag as well. Please note that it might be tricky to fit a synthetic winter sleeping bag, but a down filled winter one or a 3-season synthetic one shouldn’t cause any difficulties.

LARVA is not just a simple, long stuff sack. We aimed for the above-average utility of our stuff sack, which is why we equipped it with:
• high density mesh window, twisting around LARVA on it’s entire length – this helps your gear „breathe” when packed, and makes any further compression much easier, allowing excess air to come out
• integrated outside pockets for keeping your hammock’s suspension system organised, and apart from the rest of your gear (it’s a nice feature if your tree huggers gets dirty) – please note that pockets will fit only whoopie sling style suspension
• main body of LARVA is made of waterproof ripstop fabric – the same that we use in our tarps. It doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t let the moisture in, so your gear will always stay safe. It will not get wet, get dirty, or covered in frost. Your setup won’t be affected by wind eaither.

What is Lesovik LAB?

Lesovik LAB was born when we combined our passion for hammock camping and a well-thought design process. The mastermid of LAB is Andrzej Ambroż – our close friend, designer, architect.

LAB’s goal is to design, develop and evaluate experimental hammock camping related products for advanced users. Some of LAB’s projects will end up as a concepts, some won’t pass the evaluation process. But experimental products that succesfully prove their reliability and usability, will find a place within our limited offer.


Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 4 cm

125 g


300 x 35 cm


UPCYCLED: 100% nylon ripstop with SIL/PU coating (6000 mm H20), 100% PE high-density bugnet (700 holes / cm2)


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