LESOVIK × EOCA Earth Day 2022 donation patch


There is no Planet B.

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We’re donating the total income from selling this patch to EOCA – European Outdoor Conservation Association. It’s a charitable organisation directly funding specific projects for the conservation of nature and wild places.

On April 22nd, an Earth Day is celebrated all across the globe. 2022 we incoe again invite our followers to join a collective clean-up action, encouragind anyone to take a wilderness walk, organise a campout or gather friends to clean up local forests, trails, meadows or beach. Littering of such places is a huge problem – as a society, we sometimes consider those places as a garbage dump, or we don’t take a proper responsibility for our waste disposal while exploring the outdoors. Littering does not only destroys the aesthetics of places we wish to spend our precious time, but it causes a great threat to the Nature, exposing it to toxic waste, changing the chemistry of the environment, and in some scenarios, it causes animals to suffer form intoxication or suffocation.

Anyone who takes part in our celan-up action will be rewarded a commemorative patch designed by us and made with 100% recycled yarn.

If you can’t take your part in the clean-up action, but you’re still looking for a way to help saving Nature, you may support our action by purchasing Earth Day 2022 patch. We’re presenting all income from selling these patches to EOCA.

Design: Rafal Palowski, LESOVIK CEO / founder.


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100% recycled yarn.


55×55 mm


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