SMUK Ridgeline


Simple and reliable way of adjusting your hammock’s sag.

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• addition to your hammock suspension system
• allows for precise adjustment of hammock’s sag
• ensures the same level of comfort each time you hang a hammock
• handy way to organise your gear

SMUK Ridgeline is a strong cord attached to the ends of the hammock. It simplifies the process of setting it up and allows you to adjust the “sag” of the hammock which has the biggest impact on its comfort.

Hanging the hammock loose is crucial to ensuring a comfortable and healthy rest and getting the most from your hammock experience. Moreover, it will let you sleep in a “brazilian” style which means laying in a diagonal position.

With SMUK Ridgeline, you will never have to worry about adjusting the sag, because once it is set, it will always remain at the right level. Using the ridgeline simply keeps the same shape of the hammock every single time you hang it, no matter what angle the suspension lines create.

Both the ridgeline and the two loops are made from Dyneema cord that has low weight and high strength (up to 660 kg). For manufacturing, we used the method as for products made for sailing and arboriculture. Moreover, we added a bead spliced on the ridgeline which prevents it from being shortened or damaged.

The process of attaching and adjusting SMUK Ridgeline takes only 3 minutes and can be done with every hammock that has channels on both ends. SMUK Ridgeline is compatible with all Lesovik hammocks. For more information, see the instructions attached.

When camping, the ridgeline can also serve as a clothesline when doing laundry or simply be used for hanging parts of your equipment that you may want to have within easy reach, such as a headlight.


Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 0.15 cm

15 g


240-300 cm




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