SMUK Hammock Suspension


Fast and efficient way of hanging and adjusting your hammock.

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• fully adjustable hammock suspension set
• no knots required
• superlight – only 160 g
• any camping hammock compatible

SMUK is designed to quickly and comfortably hang and adjust your hammock. Guy-lines (aka whoopie slings) are made from 660 daN strength Dyneema cord that lies at the heart of this system. They can be adjusted from 60 to 300 cm – the length that is optimal for hanging a hammock or tarp.

Whoopie slings is a great solution borrowed from arboriculture, where specially designed ropes are used for belaying when working at height. Our whoopie slings, being also the most important part of the system, are handmade by us according to the same methods used in sailing ropes.

We attached Dyneema lines to carabiners and 20 mm polyester, car seat style webbing which, when wrapped around a tree, forms so called “tree huggers”. This proved to be a solid and reliable way of hanging hammocks which doesn’t bring any damage to the bark of the tree.

SMUK solves most of the issues that can occur when hanging a hammock:

  • uneven hanging – when one end of the hammock hangs higher or closer to one of the trees
  • inappropriate tension – when the hammock hangs too loose or too tight
  • wrong height – when the hammock hangs too high or too low
  • tree damage – when thin ropes leave marks and causing fractions and deformations in the tree bark

SMUK significantly speeds up both hanging up and taking down a hammock. It doesn’t only give you more time to rest, but it also facilitates the whole process. SMUK remains easy to use regardless of weather conditions and even when you are tired.

SMUK fits easily into your standard hammock’s stuff sack. The system works perfectly with all our hammocks and replacing the lines takes only 5 minutes.

Smuk suspension must not be used for climbing or belaying. Hammock and ridgeline from the picture are not included. Smartphone and pocket knife used only as a scale reference.


Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 3 cm

160 g

Adjustment range

60-300 cm


Dyneema, polyester webbing, aluminium carabiners

Breaking force

webbing 450 daN, Dyneema 600 daN, carabiners (long axis) 660 daN


2x whoopie sling, 2x tree hugger, 2x carabiner, manual


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