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• incredibly light, full-sized camping hammock – only 175 g
• made of nylon micromesh
• adjustable suspension system made of Dyneema included
• 150 kg load limit
• for people up to 190 cm / 6’3″ tall
• currently available color: black

SUL (Super Ultra Light) is our next step in creating the world’s lightest camping gear. The ultralight weight must go hand in hand with durability and the highest level of comfort. That’s why SUL is not just another lightweight hammock – it’s a fabric revolution!

MONOFIL used for manufacturing of SUL hammocks is made of ripstop micromesh fabric and is the reason behind its outstanding qualities. It is much more durable and resistant to mechanical loads than regular lightweight fabrics. The most essential feature of MONOFIL is the complete lack of coating which results in unlimited breathability and semi-transparency.

SUL Hammock is meant for people counting and cutting each gram of their gear. However, our most important design goal was to not sacrifice on versatility, usability or comfort known from other Lesovik products. We were not willing to cut down on pack weight by reducing the size – it is still a full-sized (300×145 cm) hammock for people that are even up to 200 cm tall.

Thanks to being lightweight and easy to use, SUL can be your travel companion for almost all the time – no matter whether you’re going for a short walk in the city, a quick trip in the field or a several-week expedition.

Suspension system that comes as a set with SUL includes:
• tree straps made of car seat belt style webbing – virtually indestructible
• adjustable Dyneema loops
• aluminum toggles

Please note that some of the outdoor photos represent previous color version of SUL. Currently available color is black – as on the main product picture.


Additional information


300×145 cm


175 g hammock / 300 g set


nylon ripstop micromesh, Dyneema, polyester webbing, aluminum


hammock, suspension system, stuff bag, manual


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