SUL – Super Ultra Light



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Super Ultra Light

• ultralight, full-sized hammock
• technologically advanced Monofil fabric

• full suspension system included
• max weight 150 kg
• for people up to 190 cm tall
• available color: black

SUL (Super Ultra Light) is our next step on the way to the world’s lightest camping equipment. Reliability and the highest possible comfort must go hand in hand with low weight, which is why SUL is not just another light hammock – it is a revolution in terms of material.

The secret behind the phenomenal properties of the SUL hammock is the MONOFIL fabric — a micro-mesh with a reinforced ripstop weave. This fabric is heavy load ready and can be much more resistant to mechanical damage than standard super-light fabrics. However, the most important property of MONOFIL is the total lack of coating leading to unlimited breathability. The SUL hammock offers 100% breathability and … partial transparency!

SUL is our tribute to those who chase marginal gains and cut down every unnecessary gram of equipment. Our basic assumption was weight reduction AND keeping all the functional properties and comfort known from our other models. We reduced the weight without compromising hammock dimensions – it is still a full-size (300 × 145 cm) hammock for people up to 190 cm tall.

To simplify setting up SUL, we equipped it with an advanced, fully adjustable suspension system. This is a modified version of our SMUK suspension, in which we reduced the weight, even more, thanks to the use of a super-strong 2 mm Dyneema cord. This line, not much thicker than ordinary linen string, can withstand a load of 660 kg!

SMUK UL suspension is used for quick and convenient hanging of the hammock. The heart of the system is adjustable guylines, the so-called whoopie slings – they can be freely shortened or extended, and the adjustment range is 60-300 cm – optimal for effective hammock suspension. The adjustment is made by pulling the excess rope from a hand spliced braid.

SUL is attached to trees with 20 mm wide straps, which are wrapped around the trunk to form tree huggers – a secure suspension point that doesn’t damage the bark. At the ends of the straps, we sew loops where a toggle made of anodized aluminum is inserted. The toggles provide support for Dyneema lines, they are fast and extremely easy to use.

Thanks to the easy mounting of the tree huggers and full adjustment of the guylines, you can freely adjust the hammock after setting it up, which is way more comfortable than traditional ropes.

Low weight, small volume, and ease of use make SUL a perfect companion for almost any occasion – whether a walk around the city, a short field trip, or a multi-week trip.

Please note that some photos present formerly available color version. Currently we’re having black – same as on the packshot photo.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 cm

300×145 cm


175 g hammock / 300 g set


nylon ripstop micromesh, Dyneema, polyester webbing, aluminum


hammock, suspension system, stuff bag, manual


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