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Gear storage solution.

Easiest way to keep your gear safe during your campouts.

HUBA is a mini hammock that you can use to store your backpack, clothes, and shoes. If you ever wondered what to do with your gear while you’re lying comfortably if you hammock, HUBA is the simple yet effective answer.  It’s always at hand, it never touches the ground and provides easy access to your equipment.

Gear protection

HUBA is made of waterproof ripstop fabric – the same that we use in our tarps. It doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t let the moisture in, so your gear will always stay safe. It will not get wet, get dirty, or covered in frost. Since HUBA is a mini-hammock, the backpack inside it won’t roll down the slope or accidentally fall under your feet and you’re not risking losing smaller items that can fall into high grass otherwise.

We have carefully designed HUBA’s dimensions so it can easily accommodate a 55-liter backpack, extra clothes, shoes, and a small hip bag. The maximum volume of a backpack that can entirely fit in HUBA is approximately 70 liters.

The maximum recommended load for HUBA is 15 kg.

Superb usability

HUBA is not just a piece of fabric that you tie with a string to your hammock system. We aimed for the above-average utility of our mini-hammock, which is why we equipped HUBA with: • quick setup system – using laser-cut hooks we designed from scratch. The hook is a brilliantly simple solution and a  small work of art.  We also use it in our tarp suspension system. • intuitive adjustment system with a built-in tensioners • the edges of the gear compartment are finished with elastic trim that helps to keep your stuff inside

HUBA comes with a stuff bag and an illustrated, color-blind friendly manual.


HUBA IS NOT DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN AND PETS! The sole purpose of this gear sling is to keep your stuff at hand’s reach. Keep your significant ones close in your arms, sleep toghether in your main hammock.


Additional information


100% strong nylon in a microripstop weave, polyester cord, steel mini-hooks, nylon tensioners


120 g


130×90 cm

Set includes

gear hammock, suspension system (2x tensioner, 2x cord, 2x mini-hook, 2x attachment loop), manual, stuff bag


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