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Love of Nature, Nature of Love!

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We’re delighted to present NATURE OF LOVE donation patch. 100% of income will be donated to the Campaign Against Homophobia.

When we go out, we experience nature, calmness, and feel something real. Many of us invite our loved ones to our outdoor adventures because we want to share with them the best parts of our lives. For a large group of people, contact with nature is an opportunity to take a break from everyday problems, to “vent your head”.

It’s beautiful thing to share a common passion with thousands of different people. Even though we come from different backgrounds, we speak different languages, we love each in hundreds of different ways, when it comes to love for nature – we’re basically the same. The differences disappear and only universal values ​​remain.

Let us transfer this platform of understanding to other areas of life. For us, June is a month of special solidarity with LGBT + people. Let’s spread love and respect for people of all sexual identities and orientations. Afterall rainbow is part of nature. Warm feelings for another person are just as natural as the water flowing in the stream or the chirping of birds in the morning – because love is something natural.

The patch is finished with Velcro – you can easily stick it to your backpack or a waistpack.

Design: Rafał Palowski, cofounder of Lesovik


If you’re buying only this patch, we will ship it with Polish Post in unregistered (untracked), priority letter. This allows for a lower shipping fee.

If you’re buying other products as well, we’ll ship your whole order with DPD courier service, as we usually do.


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Weight 3 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 0.2 cm


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