This mini hook is practical when connecting items i.e. additional guy-lines of a tarp or when hanging handy objects.

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• designed by LESOVIK
• lasercut steel
• rounded edges
• coated for weather protection
• lightweight: 2.4g per piece

ZIPSY is a mini hook that was designed for a simple purpose: to make the use of camping equipment even easier. We use it as an accessory to the GROZA and HEKSA tarp suspension system, which helps people for whom tying knots could be an obstacle in camping:
• people with disabilities
• tired and fatigued wanderers (i.e. with hands swollen after all day walks, injured fingers etc.)
• people camping in low temperatures and rainy weather, when using gloves is necessary
• enthusiasts of quick and simplest possible use of camping gear

The hook is also useful for other purposes.
After tying it to a string it could be used for:
• quick attachment of guy-lines
• easy shifting of guy-lines between tarp’s mounting points
• extension of primary guy-lines of a tarp

We encourage you to think outside of the box! One of many options is tying the ZIPSY to an elastic cord, which will allow you to hang flags. Tying a few of elastic cords together with our hooks will make a net to mount some lightweight gear to a hammock, packraft or a bikepacking bag.

ZIPSY is made in Poland.
Sold individually. Price per unit.

Design: Rafał Palowski, 2019.


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2,4 g




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