HEKSA Walnut Brown


Our flagship tarp: best looking, technically perfected, and beautifully easy to use, so that you could spend more time enjoying the Nature.

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• hammock-specific tarp
• hexagonal shape
• made of superlight silnylon
• 6000 mm H²0 waterproof
• 6 guylines with built-in tensioners
• knotless attachment to the trees using mini-hooks
• dimensions: 360 × 300 cm

HEKSA is the best-looking tarp you will ever see. It is noticeably lighter, bigger, and easier to set up than any standard, classic square tarp. A characteristic feature of HEXA is its hexagonal shape – the ridge is extended to 360 cm to better protect the hammock from rain. The catenary-cut edges of the fabric allow for better tensioning, which means that water will never accumulate on the tarp in the form of “bowls” (recess in the fabric formed under the weight of water).

Thanks to its discreet color, HEKSA blends perfectly into the surroundings of a forest campsite.

HEKSAs dimensions provide a spacious shelter for camping. Using HEKSA you can easily cook, organize your equipment, sleep (even with a few people), or simply hide from a bad weather. 360 × 300 cm is a size tailored for the best hammock protection, but at the same time offers a lot of possibilities. By lifting one side on a pole, you can easily create a very spacious roof open towards the center of the camp.

6 guylines allow for quick and easy set up of the tarp. To make using the tarp even easier, we have used a system of built-in guyline tensioners. The suspension system is simple, can be operated with one hand, and requires no knots. You just need to steak the guyline to the ground and pull it tight. The guyline tensioner automatically blocks it against loosening. Tree attachment is knotless, thanks to laser-cut ZIPSY mini-hooks we designed.

To increase HEKSAs durability, all corners are reinforced with a nylon-vinyl laminate used to produce military equipment or white water rafts. We switched from a laser-cut to a machine-cut manufacturing process to further minimize our impact on the environment.

To make HEKSA, we used fine nylon with ripstop weave, waterproof 6000 mm H²0 (manufacturer’s test) – that’s 2× more than the industry standard. The fabric is also windproof and resistant to mechanical damage. The ripstop weave protects the fabric from tearing in the event of minor damage.

The attached manual is color-blind friendly, and the tarp guylines are packed in different colored rubber bands, similar to the colors of the manual.

HEKSA is awarded as the FINALIST of DOBRY WZÓR 2022 design contest.

Dobry Wzór (polish for Good Design or figuratively Prime Example) is the oldest, most prestigious Polish design award run by the national Institute of Industrial Design since 1993, under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The title Dobry Wzór is granted for exceptional innovations, aesthetics, functionalities and the overall quality.

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 13 cm

500 g


main fabric 100% nylon ripstop, plastic elements 100% recycled acetal, polyester ropes and cords


bishop bag, printed manual, tarp, tieouts


360 × 300 cm (hexagonal)


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