OTUL® Aur 420


Ultralight hammock underquilt for cold conditions, filled with 420 g of Polish Goose Down.

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  • fits any hammock
  • for cold conditions – autumn-winter-spring seasons
  • creates an enveloping “bubble of heat” around the hammock and the user
  • insulation: 420 g, 800 CUIN Polish Goose Down
  • recommended temperature range from -8°C to 10°C
  • created in cooperation with AURA

When sleeping in a hammock, a traditional sleeping bag is highly compressed, which reduces the effectiveness of the insulation on the bottom and sides. It is especially troublesome in the fall-winter-spring season when even good quality mats do not guarantee adequate protection against cold. The OTUL® underquilt keeps a layer of warm air around the hammock, making the night calm and comfortable. It eliminates the need for traditional or self-inflating pads.

OTUL® AUR 420 is the newest and the warmest in our famous family of OTUL® underquilts. It has the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 200×110 cm, weighs 720 g and provides comfort from -8°C to 10°C. When packed, it is the size of a watermelon. It is the optimal solution for ensuring thermal comfort in the season from Autumn till Spring

This model is winter-ready:

  • 420 grams of Polish Goose Down, 800 CUIN
  • Tsubasa LOTUS fabric 22 g/m2, ripstop
  • enhanced suspension system, with the possibility of quick detachment and UNGAPER®
  • weights 720 grams

In summary: OTUL® AUR is light, warm and easy to handle. We also made it more environmentally friendly: fabric, plastic elements and labels are made of 100% recycled materials.

A unique feature of OTUL® is trapezoidal quilting pattern. Such stitching keeps the down in place, preventing its movement in the chambers under the influence of gravity. In the central part, the chambers have a greater volume, which provides more space for the down to expand and increases the level of insulation where it is most needed: on the shoulders, back and hips. The chambers have H construction, meaning that each chamber is divided by a spacer, eliminating cold-spots.

The effectiveness of the OTUL® underquilt consists of three crucial elements:

  • light, durable and quick-drying outer fabric – Tsubasa LOTUS
  • perfect insulating layer – 800 CUIN Polish Goose Down. Natural down is the best thermal insulator in the world that synthetic counterparts just cannot match.
  • minimalist, universal design – OTUL® is a multifunctional and very easy-to-use product. Ease of use, intuitive assembly and adjustment without unnecessary additions

OTUL® fits any hammock model. Installation and adjustment of the underquilt take one and a half minutes, and the degree of insulation can be adjusted while lying in the hammock thanks to easily accessible regulators. 

Tunnels with elastic drawcords at the top and bottom secure against “pouring” of cold air and form the so-called footbox / shoulderbox – a three-dimensional space that surrounds the arms and feet, places particularly exposed to cooling. The multi-chamber design of the underquilt guarantees a constant, maximum loft.

An additional element that seals the fit of the lining to the hammock is the UNGAPER®. It is a small, clever buckle that lifts the underquilt by up to 10 cm and tightly closes the space around the shoulders and feet.

OTUL® is not only a hammock underquilt – the suspension system with a quick release option allows you to change it into a blanket in a few seconds, which can replace a sleeping bag or act as a camping blanket during preparation for an overnight stay, meal breaks, and other stationary activities. Waiting for morning coffee or admiring the sunset in the mountains will no longer be associated with biting frost!

The set with OTUL includes an illustrated instruction manual, which is color-blind friendly.

OTUL AUR is awarded in DOBRY WZÓR 2022 design contest, receiving two titles:

• WINNER in SPORTS category.

Dobry Wzór (polish for Good Design or figuratively Prime Example) is the oldest, most prestigious Polish design award run by the national Institute of Industrial Design since 1993, under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The title Dobry Wzór is granted for exceptional innovations, aesthetics, functionalities and the overall quality.

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Additional information

Weight 691 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm

720 g


aluminum carabiners, main fabric 100% nylon ripstop, plastic elements 100% recycled acetal


printed manual, stuff sack, suspension system, underquilt, UNGAPER


200 × 110 cm


Polish Goose Down 800 CUIN, 95/5


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