SPIG Sand-Snow Peg


Light, large pegs for loose soils or snow, with reinforced structure and large anchoring surface.

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• light pegs for tents and tarps – only 55 g
• for sandy and snowy environment
extra warranty – we replace bent pegs with new ones

• reinforced “U” cross-section increases resistance to bending
• reflective cord mark the point of anchoring
• carabiner for tieout connection

easy to spot color

Snow pegs are essential for winter camping, where traditional pegs are insufficient when it comes to the anchoring strength.

SPIG Sand / Snow Pegs are finished with a reflective cord and a small carabiner, which extend the length of the original tent or tarp tieouts, also preventing from detaching the tieout by being unintentionally pushed up by the snow. The cord is installed in the middle of the peg, giving the possibility of a horizontal anchoring in snow and lowering the leverage during „traditional” use.

Although it’s commonly associated only with winter camping, SPIG Sand / Snow Pegs are a helpful accessory all-year round when camping on loose ground, sandy or wet soils.

The photos below show the visibility of blue and red in the event of falling to the ground – on the right a simulation of color blindness.

Dimensions: 300 × 35 mm

SPIG pegs are sold individually – price per piece.

We are sure of the quality of our product, which is why we cover it with a two-year warranty. We replace broken, bent, and heavily damaged pegs with new ones!


Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 18 × 1 × 1 cm

300 × 35 mm


aluminum, aluminum carabiners, polyester ropes and cords


55 g


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